A letter with names removed

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K (and all),
Now I am probably not one to speak because I was not "cut from the same cloth" as my disposition tends to be more positive (sanguine) and carefree than many members of our family - and even N. My journey has more to do with the forsaking of the relentless focus on myself rather than others. I have found that the more I take up my cross and follow Christ I die just a little bit more to me and come alive to God and others.
I have also grown to know that I am who I am independent of my circumstances. My temperament, life in the body, whether I am the youngest or tallest in my group of friends, has no bearing on how I react to things because I am one of His. God has made me a new creation and begun a sanctifying work in me separating me more and more from the world, the flesh, and the Devil himself. This separation (sanctification) allows me to, ever more completely, engage in the work of building the Kingdom. He has given me everything I need to live out practically what I am in position in His Word and that is why it is so critical for me to be engaged, in ever-increasing measure, in the spiritual disciplines that J has outlined. This needs to be believed so much that it changes the way we live.
For me, personally, service has been the antidote to my selfishness and has allowed me to enter into the deep that is the life that God has intended for me all along. I am not talking about serving in the nursery (as important that is) but service that introduces real struggle in me and that is woefully inconvenient. There are times when I find myself sleepwalking through the ministries I have charge over and that is to my detriment. Once I get out of the rut and take my service the next level I find Him there. I haven't arrived yet, but give me break OK? :)
God will not be mocked. If we sow to the Spirit, we will reap life now and in eternity. If we sow to the flesh we will reap destruction here and in eternity. There is no way around it. God loves us too much to provide a pass out of this one.


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