Get me on the right topic...

OK, get me (or anyone for that matter) on a topic that that I know quite a bit about and I will talk your ear off and come across as incredibly smart...well, more than likely I will also come across as incredibly boring. Christian heavy metal in the 1990's? Got you covered. XML? SGML? Ubuntu Linux (do you...Ubuntu?)? Presuppositional apologetics? Backyard astronomy? All of this would either lead to a stimulating conversation (if you share the same level of interest or knowledge) or a monologue that will leave you running for the door. You won't even bother to open it as you crash into the hallway or the great outdoors.

I think my challenge is to enter into the conversation that someone wants to have with me (what a gift that is!), showing genuine interest, and asking good questions. Now that gets hard when we are talking about ball bearings or oil viscosity, but isn't life a wide-open, white-knuckle ride at times?


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