More than a little scared

Ever since I read the book The Peacemaker by Ken Sande I have been looking for an opportunity to coach someone in peacemaking. Well, the pastor of the church I attend looks like he is going to open up an opportunity for me to do just that and it scares me. This is the first time I will have an opportunity to do this "formally" (or as formal as coaching gets) but with God's help I will have a go at it.

I had a conversation with someone a while back about the book and he mentioned that he did not think that the author had addressed how he should go about being reconciled to a pastor that he was in a conflict with. I let the comment go, but I don't think he read the book that I did. I found it to be a comprehensive look at the Scripture as it pertains to making peace and being reconciled with those who we are estranged from in one way or another. I really think that the book handled the Bible correctly in all regards in this area as it is a completely unnatural and novel approach to the topic of peacemaking (by human standards anyway).


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