My stargazing rig

OK, not the most advanced setup in the world, but this is what I use to stargaze:

  • Celestron Nexstar 114GT (4.5 inch Newtonian Reflector) – it has an upgraded hand control that is leaps and bounds better than the one it came with out of the box

  • Palm M125

  • Planetarium Version 2.2.5 (I need to check for an updated version)

  • RS232 cable to connect the Palm to the hand control

  • 12 volt power supply

  • an assortment of Plossl and SMA eyepieces - I use the 30mm Plossl and the 25mm SMA the most

  • duct tape (no, really holds the power connection securely in the scope)

I have a work-issued laptop that I would like to take out with the scope. I will at some point. I wonder if the RS232 cable I have works with the serial port on the laptop? I need to check this out.


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