Millions of offenses - a billion deaths

Millions of offenses. There has got to be millions of times that I have offended God and broken His law. From those that I have secured through commission to those that have been credited to my account through omission I have no doubt that His righteous standard has not been met by me for any length of time and in any place whatsoever. The second I reached the condition of accountability I became a dead man. A man whose inheritance was Hell and who had no hope of ever entering Heaven. How could I be so blind for son long to my own unrighteousness? How did I reconcile in my mind the thought that this holy God would wink at the sin that signaled my rebellion? Puny fists raised high in defiance of Him – how utterly bankrupt the sense of it all!

Yet in His goodness His grace poured in like a flood. Illuminating my mind to see that His Son satisfied the righteous anger He had toward me for my sin. And the grace that moves outside of karma became my new song and my only hope.

Please, today Lord, do not give me what I deserve. Remember me, but only after remembering what your Son did on my behalf. For if You were to turn your gaze on me and forget him I will die a billion deaths.


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