A lot like her I fear

It was everything I could do to get up this morning and exercise. I kind of ate a bit too much last night after we came home from gathering with the church so that was an extra dose of encouragement for me to get on with it. My legs were stiff from working on Saturday and Sunday which was strange because that has not happened in a while.  I had the opportunity to help out in Junior Church during the second service on Sunday morning and had an interesting interaction with one of the kids.

This particular girl came over to one of the playground apparatus that some of the boys were sitting on while the story was being read. She tried to sit on it but ended up falling through it twice. I think it was semi on purpose, but I thought that I would give her the benefit of the doubt. After the third time I told her that she needed to either sit on the mat with the rest of the kids or on the slide which was still well within earshot of the story. She looked at me kind of funny and I wonder if she was used to being told what to do. Off she went to the slide which was no big surprise to me.

Then she started to climb up the slide and I was thinking to myself, “I wonder if she knows what the word ‘sit’ means?” I told her to get down and she did. Then she started to climb up again and I told her to sit down which she did. Another climbing incident and another admonition from me to sit down. Mind you she was looking at me the whole time she was climbing up the slide wondering if I would hold my ground. I did and her testing was finally over. She had lost.

Lord, how many times am I that little girl on the slide looking at You, wondering what you will say as I disobey? Thank you for your patience with me as my mind wanders into lesser things as you continually seek me through your Word. And thank you for your gentle (and sometimes not so gentle) firmness with me. I have not suffered nearly enough for the crimes that I have committed. And yet You invite me deeper into Yourself and long for my practice to be completely in line with my position.


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