Good for us...and him I pray.

We had one of my boy’s friends over last night for the last time this Summer and I am going to miss spending Monday nights with him. His dad has left the scene and is only marginally involved in the lives of his kids (four total). He has been encouraged to come back, been through church discipline and removed from membership, and pursued in a great many ways by numerous people but he refuses to repent. It is so sad. So my wife and I have made a point to have this boy over to our house for a couple of hours just to let him be around our boys and for me to interact with him for a bit. And it has been fun.

Last night after dinner we went and got ice cream and then off to a nearby playground. He got quite a bruise on his shin after falling but he was all right. My two boys love it when he comes over too and they had a great time running around with him on the playground. It started to rain a bit so we “ran” back to the van and started the slow drive home. Well, the rain let up a bit and we saw a football practice at one of the local parks so we decided to go and watch. We sat on the bleachers there and watched a couple of drills. Then the rain started up again so we got back into the van and drove him home.

His mom was out test driving a new-to-her vehicle for the family so I left him in the care of his oldest sister. We had a great time. He colored a picture for us and gave it to us. He was so excited to give it to us he could hardly contain himself. We were just as excited to receive it. We will make a point to have him over on weekends (or Friday nights) during the school year. He is good for us and our boys. I hope we are good for him as well.


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