From way up high

I see the world with no boundaries, no countries.
I see black oceans, the rain a deep blue.
From way up high, I’m gonna fly. – Cloud Merchants

Last Saturday I went on a small plane ride with my son and my dad. The pilot is a good friend of the Christian school attached to our church (North Baptist) and we bid on and won the ride at last year’s school auction. I took a bunch of pictures that are still in the camera, but will be downloaded into the computer soon. We flew out of the Williamson Airport in Williamson NY (home of the Williamson Flying Club – and got to ride in a Piper Cherokee 235 which is also called a Pathfinder. It was a gorgeous evening and the ride was as smooth as anything I have experienced in a long time.

It is funny but the sin that so easily entangles us as humans leads us to conflict so many times. Our very country was born out of conflict and the desire not to be exploited and dominated. As we flew (and as I fly) I just marvel not only at the vastness of our nation but at the fact that if we entered another country’s airspace I would not know it. The borders that we draw are meaningless from way up high. The commonality and unity we seek through international organizations (as imperfect as they are) is so often drowned out by the strife we perpetuate as we compete for resources or force ideologies down people’s throats.

We will be united under a banner one day and the Kingdom will be established where there will be a righteous rule. Thanks be to God that He desires this rather than our most deserved destruction.


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