All good gifts

I thought my wife was nuts. She wanted to take a 5 year-old, 3 year-old, and 3 year-old raspberry picking last night. She put the bug in my ear about it when I talked to her over the phone from work and I thought we will wait to see how we feel after dinner before making a decision. Well, she brought it up again with the qualification that if it was a big disaster it was a big disaster – no big deal. I agreed, but thought that the boys and their friend we were watching for the night could just run around in the field. What happened there completely blew my mind.

Not only were the kids into picking raspberries but each one of them filled a pint of their own and worked to fill some more that my wife and I were picking with. My oldest kind of lost interest a bit after the pint he picked was full, but there was no problem with him wandering off for a bit after staying on task for so long. My youngest was quietly working away and would continue to announce his progress as he picked. We later found out that the reason he was so quiet was that he was eating more than collecting, but hey – he worked hard. Their friend we were watching picked her pint and was diligently working on filling another. She did great.

My wife even got some good pictures of the whole event. All in all we did 8 pints of berries. And those were some good looking berries if I may say so myself. We then finished up at the library and had popcorn in front of Madame Blueberry from VeggieTales. A surprising and satisfying night overall I must say. Thanks God…you have proven Your provision to be more than enough for us.


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