Who censors the censor?

"Who censors the censor? Can I do that myself?" - PIL, Acid Drops

The censor. The one who decides what to let through and what to suppress. The arbiter. The one who chooses.

I am firmly convinced that man had been created by God to rule the earth. To be its king as he subdued and ruled over it with a benevolent and righteous rule. For all of his intents and purposes he was to function as the censor, decider, arbiter. In that way, he was to be like God. The image of God in a world that needed to be reined in. One that needed to be tamed. Man was just the one to do it. Yet, as God-like as he was intended to be, he was never to be so God-like that he would become his own measure. He was never to apply his internal standards to what he saw. He was never to move, independently. 

He abdicated his throne when he attempted to do what he was not created to do: determine what ought to be from what was. He violated his purpose, the purpose his creator gave him. Once he violated his purpose, he became evil. He plunged both himself and the world he was to rule into sin and willingly gave his rule to another. He decided that he was the one to censor the censor rather than leaving that in its proper place: firmly in the hands of God. He is to be the censor of the censors and man was to have an external locus of control.

There is much about this world that I can point to and say, "I want that to be me. I want that to be a part of my life." Yet, there is so much where I see men attempting to be the image of God and imitating him in ways that they were never created for. God created me to be holy. He is holy. When I am holy I participate in the Divine nature. God created me to love. God is love. When I love I show the world the image of God. I am the "idol" of God. 

God determines truth. 

When I determine truth, well, I put myself in place of God. I do not participate in his Divine nature - I attempt to overthrow him. I embrace an incommunicable attribute of God. Where holiness and love are communicable attributes, truth determination is the opposite. I was not created to determine what is true, to censor the censor. That is a violation of purpose. That is evil.

No John, you cannot do that yourself. We need to hold up the standard that has its alpha and omega in God. Why not bring God's communicable attributes to a dying world? Isn't that enough of a challenge? Isn't that enough of a quest? Or is there something else behind the question? Is there a struggle to overthrow God? 

I rather think there is, for I know that struggle well. I knew that struggle today.


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