This fine water

There was nothing I would have rather done nor place I would rather have been than where I was last night. I know it was a single point in time, something that was either ignored or will be forgotten by the sons and daughters of earth in a generation's time. Yet, it will be forever etched into the heart and mind of God. Not that it changed him in any way, but I pray that we made much of him last night as a church, family, dad, and son.

I baptized my brother in Christ last night. My second-born son made the decision to imitate his Savior and show the world that he is one of his. There was the customary nervousness and excitement as we descended into the fine, fine water, but that was all erased as we ignored everyone save him and each other. All of the things that could have happened didn't. All of the things that should have happened did. He was baptized in the name of the person I love the most: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 

I don't deserve him. I don't deserve a son that sees such value in the God that I follow. I don't deserve a son who struggles to view the world the way that I do; the way that his God does. But I have him. God has given him to me and entrusted him to me. From the womb until now we have negotiated this world together, and we both have a long way to go don't we, Dad? We're know we are trying. As I brought him up out of the water I saw one more step deeper into your heart, Father. One more step away from this sin-soaked world and into the life that you have held out to him. The life that is truly life.

Remember this, my brother and son. Remember this fine, fine water and the mark it has made on you. Remember the drops that hit the wave you made when you came back up. Remember the two arms you raised in the air when you celebrated your obedience and testimony. Remember your friend's and family's reaction. Remember my embrace.

Remember your Father's smile. May you always remember how he looks at you, loves you, saves you, and desires you. He is your great reward. Shall we pursue him together? 

I pray that we shall. 


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