More, not less

"I thought I'd hate you more," I admitted shivering slightly as his grotesque visage gave way to the small glimmer of light. "The more I saw you seeking my loved ones, or even me I knew I would find you at least more bitter. I never thought you would be sweet."
"Who but I can take you to him?" Death asked blinking rapidly as if trying to stay awake. "I'm dying too you know." In a sense he was. In a sense he was being sifted like wheat. My heart began to reach for what began to remain. He sensed what I desired from him. "Go ahead, touch me," he offered. I was more curious but less willing to reach for him in the same manner of his reaching for me during his awful lessons. But he was now more light than wrinkles as his dry, crinkle flesh seemed to puff out smooth. "You remember these hands, don't you?" he asked holding them up in some means of admiration. How could I have not? They reminded me on the ones I had when I was a younger man. "I've always been there. Saving you from this and that as my master willed it."
"I cannot, I mean, I won't..." I started moving my mouth to find something to articulate comfort or something familiar in what I was witnessing. "You've...I've..."
"Hush," he smiled. "I am your comfort in your twilight, your rest he wishes in your pain." I knelt beside the ashes in the urn and longingly mixed my spirit with the dust and bone that practically filled it. He closed his eyes as if to join me. The sharp warmth of our brief journey startled me and I shot my hand into his. He squeezed it gently, knowingly, jealously. 
"Why aren't you sweating?" I asked. "Why can't I feel your bones like I did when you came to visit me last Friday?"
"Why aren't you sweating?" he retorted. "Why is my gaze not cold on your back nor my fingers stinging you? If you know then then you'll have the answers you seek."
Could this be? Could he have convinced me of his utility? His friendship?
"Tell my sons," I mouthed barely breaking a whisper.
"They are on their journey with me. They are not immune to my teachings nor to my bite."
It was useless to admonish him for anything as he tutored them. There was nothing he could do save what his Master permitted."They are even further along than you are," he offered to try to comfort me. I mused where Death was taking them, what he was showing them, what his words were to them. 
"Will they know before I am called from them?" I asked knowing that it would frame my death for them.
"They won't." he softly spat looking down at his feet. "No one ever does."


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