Nothing less, and nothing more

Every day, more and more, I realize that I am not home yet. Creature of earth that I am, son of a man that I am, I have been given just a glimpse of a wonderful place. I have seen it in my wife, my sons, my church - this Place of Peace. This Person of rest. This Light that shines undimmed forever. 

Today I am left here wondering. Unsure of when I will see the light. I know it is there; He is here. But my frail heart of dust and flesh wants to reach out my fingers to scrape it and open my eyes take it all in. I want it to satisfy my hunger, heal my cold, and dry my eyes. I want it to hit me in the chest and leave a mark so that I can hike my shirt up and see it, once bleeding, and now scabbed over. 

Oh Jacob's glorious limp! Every step a reminder of the night he wrestled with his God!

Dad, your faith that you've given me, that holy thing that burns sometimes so hot that it makes me shake, will it constrain me? Will it set me free? Will it allow me a moment's peace or throw me headlong into the fray? All of it? None of it?

As I hold your hand, Lord, I know that this dark glass that I see you through, this stained image of your unadulterated presence is my rest. Please wipe the sleep from my eyes, Lord. Help me carry the burden of your Son today. Nothing less.

And nothing more.


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