Their today, yesterday, and next week

And so it was. 

The Summer before their Senior year burst onto them as they sought to make it a memorable one together. The pool party was packed with the Juniors looking forward to their last trip through the halls of the school as the sun beat down. Most were swimming while a few exposed their less tanned undersides to the darkening rays. The music blared from the boomboxes coordinated to 92.5 WMJQ much to many's dismay. However, the two of them were lost in the moment as everyone who wanted to lined up on the springboard that jutted into the in-ground pool.

I might as well jump...go ahead and jump...forget it an jump...

And with each mention of the word jump a body would be flung into the air trying to avoid the last one that hit the water. It was all rather chaotic and the unbridled laughter and excitement made more than a few sides and stomachs ache from taking in the scene. They knew that these days would end soon enough, but it seemed so far into the future that they chose not to sully their minds with the thoughts of their future past. Today. Today was what they had and would be their tomorrow and next week.

Mark grabbed some lemonade and brought it to her. "Here," he offered as she reclined on the chair. She moved her feet over slightly to give him a place to sit as they talked. "Do you need anything else?"
"No," she smiled. "Let's just stay here for a bit. Together." she answered less shyly than she would have even two days prior.
"You know, I am looking forward to the retreat at the end of the Summer," he continued knowing that she would be there as well.
"Really? Me too," she acknowledged. "Why are you so interested in it?"
"I just get the sense that there is more than this. I mean, my parents, our teachers, have told me so much about Jesus and I just think, well, I know there is so much more than stories about him and all of this," he replied slightly motioning to the scene.
"There is, I mean, there's gotta be. Right?" she said. "Let's promise that we'll talk more about Him together OK? I mean, it seems like it's more..He is more than what a lot of people let on."
"I promise. Even if no one else does, we'll do this. Together."
Mark felt a deepening connection to Nan as they went so deep, so briefly deep. Of course with everyone around them they knew their private conversation wouldn't last long. "You're too dry," Jeff laughed looking straight at Mark. "You're going in."
Mark tried to run but it was no use as he was tossed into the pool. When he resurfaced slightly gasping for air he noticed that Nan had jumped in after him. She put his arms around his neck and laughed.
"You gotta love those idiots," she giggled and laughed some more.
"Oh yeah," Mark agreed and though for a brief instant how much he was going to miss this when he was older.

But this day was more that today for him. It was his yesterday and he convinced himself, again, that it would also be his forever.


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