She would grin and bear it...

“From high atop Irondequoit High School....93 for the North Coast of America…”

“Get on with it, man…” Lee almost screamed at the radio waiting for the promised debut of the new Flock of Seagulls song. As the guitar mixed with the keyboards he instantly thought of her. He told both of them that she would love the song as his assurance was met with quizzical looks.

“No, she’ll like it!” he assured the both of them. “There is no way she’ll hate it.”
“If she likes this,” Sam laughed, “you know you’ll need to propose to her on the spot.”
“Maybe I will,” he shot back with a smile.
“If you don’t, I will,” Lee retorted.

Of course he wasn’t about to let that happen. It seemed like he barely knew her, but he was growing ever more in love with the girl. It was almost as if nothing could separate them. So much so that even if she hated the song she would grin and bear it. 

For him. 

For them. 

She was just that kind of girl.


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