OK, that may have not been the greatest plan

The next Monday after the scribbling on the board he fully expected Nan to say something, to smile at him somehow, to let him know that she had received the message. But there was nothing. Literally nothing. She wasn't acting any differently and their conversations were just as they always had been. The dance was Friday night and he was already a touch nervous about the whole thing. The path that he'd hoped that he paved for her to be receptive to his invitation to dance at the right moment was not what he envisioned it to be. So much so that he wondered if he should go at all. He was looking for some glimmer of hope that this was not going to be the disaster that he was painting it to be, but he wondered what that light would be.

Maybe when he drove her home (so she could avoid waiting around for the bus) there would be a glimpse of what the dance could be. What their time together could be.


Before leaving the car that morning he had switched the station. She was not as interested in the New Wave music that he had fallen in love with and, well, as cute as she was he wanted to make sure that the ride home was as much to her liking as possible. He had even begged his dad for the 1986 Celebrity knowing that she would be so much more impressed with it than the station wagon he usually drove to school. They had a study hall the last period of the day so they had permission to get out early and his heart raced a bit as he approached her at her locker (which was not that far from his). “Ready? “ he asked pensively. She was.

She was!

As they sped along the parkway (in the longest most roundabout way to get to her house that he could come up with) he wondered what she was thinking as her sparkling eyes looked out the window. He wondered about starting something more with her than they had and how long a relationship would last as, one after one, it seemed as though his friends were all ending theirs. 

Then, the familiar sounds of Do You Believe In Love blared over the radio as they looked at each other. Both of them wide eyed they smiled and they sang. It was not Mark's first choice (maybe something from Erasure would have been better), but, rather unexpectedly, he found that their voices melded well together as she harmonized with him. He wondered if he should reach out and take her hand when Huey Lewis sang "take my hand and I'll take your heart" but he thought it better to keep both hands on the wheel.

As he backed out of the driveway and she turned to wave goodbye he wondered if this was a result of the note he left on the board just two days prior. Maybe it was. He fooled himself into thinking it was and was not going to bring this up to anyone who may try to convince him differently.


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