Down the old valley road

Valley Road - Bruce Hornsby and The Range

Crunch crunch crunch…

They didn't need the leaves underfoot to reminded them that it was Autumn. The fiery leaves were more than enough to accentuate the coolness of the crisp air as they walked the ridge to the view through the clearing that he knew she would love. 

“Wait,” he said as he removed a pair headphones from his backpack and handed one to her. He got his splitter out as they paused, briefly, and he plugged her headphones into it doing the same for his making sure it was snug into his Walkman. 

“OK, almost there…” he fast-forwarded to the song he wanted to share with her at this moment. It was a good thing that had a counter on his and knew right where it was on the cassette. 

“There!” he smiled as the song played and hoping that his smile would be returned by her. It was and they laughed lightly at each other as they clumsily walked on connected to the music at his hip. 

They pushed through the brush and could hear a soft roar of the falls over the music. They stared at each other wide-eyed and then back at the view that stole their collective breath. He wondered if this moment would cement them together enough for him to ask her to the winter semi-formal. Still timid and unsure of her feelings for him he didn't dare extend his hand toward her. Not yet anyway.

The song ended and they turned back for home. As they strode the mile and half back to the main trail he realized that the old valley road would never be the same. He was fine that it would hold this moment for him with her forever.


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