Fearless? I needn't be.

Fearless people, 
Careless needle.
Harsh words spoken,
And lives are broken. - Seal, Prayer for the Dying

It is fearlessness that got me into the sinful condition I am in. This fearlessness hurtles me headlong into indulging in these fleshly desires rather than embrace what God made me to be. It seems to me that the opposite of fearlessness is not courage but something much more like wisdom. 

Courage itself is subject to a grand ideal in the least case and God himself in the best case. Can you (like me) see courage bending the knee to something greater than itself? Perhaps, to further the anthropomorphism, fearing something greater than itself? Zeal is subjected to that for which which we are zealous.

No, the fear I have will allow me to react both with great courage and even great timidity when the situation presents itself. Do I fear when timid and throw it to the wind when courageous? No, not at all. I act in fear in either situation and subject myself to the One whom I should fear. The one that can both destroy and restore. The only One who can.

The genesis of wisdom is fear. Fearlessness is foolishness and it breaks things. Help me to be afraid, Dad. I need you to teach me how to tremble and to grow strong.


  1. "The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction." (Proverbs 1:7) Well spoken, brother.

    1. Thanks for stopping by John Pat. Yup - I had that verse in mind when I wrote the last paragraph. Seal put it so well and in a great context. Of course Solomon did too. Just sayin'...


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