One by design, one by choice

I am reading a book called Apologetics to the Glory of God by Dr. John Frame and, as I read it, I am becoming more aware of the Creator-creature distinction that is at the core of my definition as a man. To say that there is a great gulf that stands between me and God is a misuse of the language. God is absolutely, wholly Other, and, thankfully, he draws near to me through the incarnation of His Son, Jesus. Yet, this gulf brings me peace. There is another that bothers me.

The separation that bothers me is the one I choose. My sin hinders my relationship with Him as I assign myself another purpose that is in opposition to the one that I have been given. I call myself sovereign and king rather than giving Him that title. He is not One to take rivals lightly and, thanks be to God, He seeks to drive my sin far from me for the sake of His Name and for my great good.

I thought last night about who we would be if we lived forever in our fallen state and it shook me. What if we ate of the tree of life after we partook of the tree of knowledge of good and evil? What fiends we would be...what a hapless state we would be in as we begged for death to relieve us of the pain of our diseases and no death would come. His great mercy allows us this escape, this death, to bring us into His presence in this life and in the life to come.

His weapons of His mercy and grace are inexhaustible and I am glad they are for I choose to sin far too often. He will not be defeated by the likes of me and has and will continue to use every means at His disposal to bring me closer to Him every minute of every day. He loves me much too much to abandon me to myself. 

Such is His love for me. Even me.


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