A different kind of energy?

The strangest thing happened to me yesterday. It was so strange that I can't recall it ever happening to me before but it was so real.

I was working on transplanting some pachysandra from the back yard to the front and I had been working on it for a while. Well, I am not sure why, but I was quickly losing the energy and the will to do it. I had been working on it for a couple of hours while helping my oldest son with his writing and I was dragging. I was inside waiting to evaluate some prose that he had written when I noticed my youngest son was looking for something to do so I invited him to play catch with me. We played for a bit and both he and I were excited that we found a nice, big catcher's mitt that he was having some success with and that he will be using in the game that he will be catching in soon.

Well, after we were done running around and playing catch I got my second wind and some untapped enthusiasm to work on the transplanting a bit more. It stood to figure, in my mind anyway, that I would be even more tired after running after the balls thrown my way that I missed, but the exact opposite was true. So I transplanted some more pachysandra and called it a day - for that activity anyway.

I have no idea why I was so charged up after playing catch with my son. Was it an energy that I needed to recharge my batteries for the more mundane task I was saddled with? Can I replicate this sometime in the future to help with the things that I will be doing this Spring and Summer? All questions I don't know the answers to, but I do know the feeling now so I know that I will be able to recognize it if it ever comes around again.


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