Just in time delivery

We received word today that the cabinets we ordered from the alternative supplier are assembled, wrapped, and ready for us to pick up. I did not expect them to be in so soon as we had just placed our order for them on December 20 and, well, there were a couple of major holidays in between that time and today. There is a boatload of snow on the ground today and the roads are exceedingly bad (I just received a notice that a major route I take home is closed due to an accident) so it looks like I will have to pick them up tomorrow. 

Our contractor is available on Saturday to put them in and it looks like we will have at least the base cabinet we have been waiting for in for the countertop installation on January 7. This is very good news as I think we have caused more than enough inconvenience for our contractors up to this point. It looks like I will have some updated pictures for days 12 and 13 pretty soon. This is starting to get a lot more real.

At any rate we have been able to actually cook two meals in the kitchen (on 12/31 - homemade pizza and 1/1 - spaghetti) and bake some really great cookies. We are eating at the kitchen table again as well. Hopefully we will be able to get the other appliances in before Tuesday and be about as good to go as we can be (save at least the dishwasher) then. 


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