Day Thirteen: Countertops and schedule

Well, January 7th seemed like such a long time away when they announced that they would come to install the countertops then, but just like every other day, it eventually gets here and things that should be happening actually happened.

The wood brace on the right is holding the undermount sink in place until the silicone cures.
This used to be a desk. I like the cabinet more.
This is our island with the lights on the ceiling reflecting off of it.
Even though we purchased our quartz countertops at Lowes they were installed by Rocky Mountain Granite and Marble in Webster, NY. We would not hesitate to use them again and, if you purchase your contertops at Lowes like we did, I would suggest asking for them to complete the job if you can. They were so good to us that I would not even bother taking your chances on someone else.

So there they are. Our house smells like silicone but that will be gone soon enough. Our contractor is more than ready to get back to work here on Thursday and finish everything up. We have all of the material and manpower to get it all done by Friday. We are very thankful to God for all that He has gifted to us these days. We need to manage this well for His glory and our great good.


  1. They do, Romina. Thanks for stopping by and for the great work Rocky Mountain did on the order we made through Lowes!


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