Day Fourteen: Tile and microwave

Day fourteen found the guys putting in more than a full day's worth of work as they wanted to set the stage to finish up the next day. We actually had to leave one of them to his work while we went to share dinner with friends of ours (thanks Carlos and Jill!) and hang out with their new daughter Kirsten. Here is where we are now:

This is the new hanging microwave. It is high up, but we are tall.
This is the tile on the window wall.
This is a close up of the tile and the accent with cardboard spacers.
See all of those black squares? When we bought them at the Home Depot they were all brown squares. We then went to a tile place and bought one square foot of accent tile that had 144 one inch black squares, cut those all apart, and then replaced the brown squares the with black ones. Surprisingly it did not take us too long to do and we are happy with the result. The under cabinet lighting was also installed. We went with an LED ribbon that is hardwired into two switches on the wall.

So, today, the fridge and dishwasher should be in and the tile will be grouted. We are looking forward to having all of the appliances in and cleaning up as every room in our downstairs is a complete disaster. I used to be able to live in a disheveled manner but not anymore...I need order now. God has certainly provided for us in every way during this process. We haven't always gotten what we wanted, but He is not interested in giving us anything that is bad for us so we continue to trust His wise rule.


  1. I LOVE it!!!! So excited for the Dudleys!!!!

  2. Thanks, Heather. We are looking forward to taking a deep breath and put it all back together again.


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