Day Two: Let there be lights.

Day two saw the contractor putting stuff back together after tearing it all apart yesterday. I texted him a couple of times as he was working to let him know that we needed a 120 V outlet behind the range in addition to the gas line and to answer a couple of questions he had. Thankfully he was able to get an outlet in without too much hassle. I think it is a touch too high but he may have just made it underneath where it needs to be. Here is what it all looks like now:

One of eight can lights that are installed and working

There is going to be much more light in our kitchen now...

...and many more outlets. Three more that are accessible plus the one in the island.

The underlayment is all screwed down and ready for the laminate.
I think that they made an impressive amount of progress today but Tony did mention that the progress is going to be a tad bit slower as he is going to have to do drywall installation and finishing work. We bought the bulbs and the trim for the lights tonight and will get a bunch of paint and supplies (cabinet hardware) tomorrow. I have to order more quarter round to finish off the floor and we are just not sure what kind of countertops we are going to get. Other than that we are moving forward. We will also be setting up the tree tomorrow and I will be hanging the lights on the front of the house. It will be beginning to look a lot more like Christmas and a kitchen in the next three or four days.


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    1. Thanks, Patricia. We're looking at countertops today so we'll see how that goes. :)


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