Day One: Demolition

Well, we knew that our kitchen would look different from day one and we were right in that assumption. Here is what it looks like now:

Our fridge and dishwasher are shrouded from the carnage.
The ceiling is ripped down to make way for new lighting.
At this point I would be in a panic, but these guys do this for a living so they are not sweating a bit.
Here is the hallway leading out to the door. The flooring will extend from the kitchen to the door.
There were a boatload of blessings today. It was 60 degrees which made the open door to vent the dust a lot less of an issue than it could have been. Also, I was able to stay home in the morning and work to give the guys the direction they needed. Which wasn't too much as I am not the authority here (like I had to write that). These guys work cleanly too which is nice. We also uncovered two different strips of wallpaper which you may be able to see on the left hand side of picture 1 and the right hand side of picture 2.

We got word that lead us to believe that our appliances may be a little later to come than we thought they would be. We still don't have a firm delivery date. We'll see if there is any more specificity after the weekend. All in all we are in good shape and day one brought a great crock pot stew from Nan. She is a trooper and will be living through this in a much greater way than I will so I need to give her a lot of credit as she grins and bears this. 


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