OK - Here we go...

Only unstable people get their kitchen remodeled in December. So, we began packing up all of the dishes we could tonight in preparation for the cabinets getting ripped off the walls and the floors getting ripped up this Wednesday (December 4th).

We do not have all of the cabinets and appliances yet, but that doesn't matter. Not to us anyway, well see what the installer says when he takes stock of the situation we are putting him in.

This blog will be updated with before, during, and after pictures so check back if you are the least bit curious about what we are doing to our kitchen.


  1. Even cabinet makers (and installers) need work in December. And just think of the wonderful Christmas present you are giving to each other! Not to mention the guy doing the work. :)

  2. I agree, Martha. We are in the throes of emptying the kitchen and setting up our temporary quarters. Our house is looking interestinger and interestinger...


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