My plea to death

I may have been a bit overzealous thinking that death could teach me anything. There is no doubt that my dying to myself and my desires frees me from chains of death itself (it's almost too weird to think about enslaving myself to become free, but that is for another time). But as I look on the death that is all around me I am not looking into the face of a great teacher. 

The Teacher that I sit under has taught me what I should make of death: how it transforms me into the likeness of Christ when I embrace my friend in the correct manner. My Teacher has also brought death to me in a myriad of ways permanently altering both my past and present. But He has used it as an illustration. He is much too jealous to leave my tutelage to another.

So, death, my friend, you won't teach me for I have been and am continually taught by One who knows more about you than you do. But never stop illustrating the lessons He speaks to me. Never stop showing me what He wants me to know and how He wants me to live. Please never stop.


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