Last week at our Bible study


I guess it kind of surprised me a bit, You know, the look I got from Will when we were at the dinner table before our friends and their children came over for our Bible study. We had asked him if he was willing to do a small devotional with the kids downstairs and he looked at us like we had three heads each. It was almost as if he was saying, "Of course Mom and Dad. What else would you think I'd be doing?" Well things got busy and we were throwing this and that together, getting the driveway blown...You know how it goes. I had completely forgotten to remind him that he was willing to do the devotional with the cellar dwellers that night.

But he hadn't forgotten had he, Dad?

During the course of the evening our youngest son came up to get something and we reminded him to grab the Big Bertha Bible (the NIV study Bible that can choke a mule) and the devotional book and take it downstairs. Well, he came back into the room the adults were in and said that he couldn't find it. Mildly exasperated Nan rose to locate the materials, but she couldn't find them either.

Because he hadn't forgotten had he, Dad?

At bedtime and upon asking him about leading the devotional that night he mentioned that it went really well and that there were a few kids that weren't into it all that much. I told him that was fine and that I was floored that he had both been willing and remembered to do it. He shot me the same look we received at the table didn't he, Dad? You saw it too and, more than that, it had its genesis and consummation in Who You are and who You are making him to be.

Thank you for not forgetting about us, Dad. And thank you for the unimaginable things you are doing in my life and his in spite of how I try to kill all of it. God, I never thought I would see You so clearly in him. I just never thought You'd give such a precious gift to me.

Your son - Mark


  1. There have been times when my own children left me with my mouth hanging open in utter amazement... the good kind of amazement, I mean. (And yes, then there were the other times.) :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, Martha. Yes...we have been amazed both ways as well. It is so good to know the Source of both amazements though. :)


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