Country boyz

Recently we spent a week with my brother and sister in law at their home in Mason, Wisconsin. Where is Mason, Wisconsin you ask? Well, I am still a little unsure, but this comparison between where we live and where they live should give some indication concerning where we were:

There is one thing in particular that the map of Mason is devoid of when compared to where we live: buildings. But, there is one thing in particular that the map of Greece lacks that my brother's backyard in Mason had: fresh produce. We had a great time working in the garden watering, weeding and harvesting beets, carrots, broccoli, and especially raspberries. We had a great campfire and even heard coyotes more nights than not doing what they do best.

My brother is a pastor with Bethany Baptist Church in Mason and is currently residing on the property that the church owns. It was a pleasure to worship with the church on Sunday and sit under his teaching. He brought out a relationship between grace and faith and their role in my salvation in a way that I had never considered before so that was worth the price of admission right there. All in all it was just great doing life together which is a great experience in an of itself that did not have to be manufactured.

After all of this I asked my boys if they were city boys or country boys and without hesitation they both answered "City". I would have to say the same thing although I think my wife would be out there in a second if the situation presented itself. Thanks be to God that He is just as much present in the city as He is in the country. The time and place doesn't matter as much as our approach to His presence in both locations.

I am looking forward to going back though. I would like to time my visit around the tomato harvest. You should see how many tomato plants they have. And corn. And squash. And...


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