Why doesn't Bugs Bunny get tired?

Way too much ice cream before bed last night led me to this question at 2:30 AM - Why doesn't Bugs Bunny get tired? You may recall the Looney Tunes episode "Bugs and Thugs" where Bugs Bunny calls a cab and, inadvertently, gets into a getaway car for a couple of bank robbers. There are lots of animated hijinks in the cartoon, but the classic scene that everyone remembers is when Bugs hides the thugs in the oven and they eventually surrender to the chief of police who had ordered Clancy to "take the boys and surround the house". There's a lot of running around in a very short period of time, people are getting thrown into ovens, and his life is even threatened on various occasions.

Yet, at the end of the episode, he doesn't collapse in a heap on the couch in front of a DVD filled with his favorite episodes of Tom and Jerry. Why is that?


  1. It must have something to do with all those carrots he eats.

  2. I need some of them thar carrots then, Martha. :)


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