Sports in the Town of Greece

Both of my sons are involved in Town of Greece sports this year: the older is in soccer and the younger is in baseball. That means that there is something going on Monday-Thursday nights and Saturday mornings or afternoons, but they love what they are doing so we are happy to help them along. I always enter the season with a bit of fear and trepidation as there is always the potential that they may fall into a team or under a coach that is less than what we want it to be. That, in and of itself, would be a learning experience for them, but the stress of that is not something that I would really want to deal with. Well, to say that we are pleased with the way things are working out this year would be an understatement.

My younger son is on a baseball team (the Angels...irony recognized) coached by Coaches Dean, Reggie, and Al. These guys are perfect for him. Their emphasis is on skill building and making sure that the love they have for them game is transferred to their players. They are definitely out there to teach my son the fundamentals of the game from fielding to base-running. They are very low-key and extremely encouraging. This has been a great year for my son and he doesn't want to miss a game or even a practice.

My older son is on a soccer squad led by Coaches Jason and Sam. It is obvious that these guys love soccer and love the boys that are playing for them. They motivate the boys appropriately and have broken the game down for them in terms that even I ( a non-soccer player) can understand and reinforce. My oldest son does not have the skills that most of the boys have, but has gotten enough playing time to start to develop them. He is getting better every game and I have these two gentleman to thank for that. They are exactly what my son needed this year and he is already talking about playing next year.

So there it is. A clear sign of God's provision for my family. A clear indication that he is actively working to help my boys develop their minds, bodies, and characters. Thank you, God, for these men. These are the days where you are so close to me that I can almost feel the wind of your Holy Spirit on my skin.


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