Internet filtering at home Part 4

If you are just reading this post there is some good (OK, acceptable) background information on this in part one, two, and three.

Here is a list of equipment/software/services I use to access and filter the internet at home:

Modem/RouterNetgear 7550To connect to the internet over a phone line and provide a wifi signal for our internet-ready devices to connect to the internet
ServiceOpenDNSA free service that allows for filtering at the router level. Without this service we would have to filter internet connections on every device that connects to it. A real pain for sure.
Software/ServiceNet NannyTo provide finer-grained filtering for every web browser on our sole computer that has internet access. It allows for the application of different filter settings per user account on the PC.
Software/ServiceAvast AntivirusAntivirus and antimalware service that is applied to all incoming traffic and content.
Browser pluginAdblock PlusFilters out ads on websites that could be untoward or even offensive. It is a free plugin for all major browsers and it is used on our PC for Chrome and Firefox.
HardwareDevices that connect to the internetDell Latitude D620 Laptop, Samsung s390g phone, Wii, Kindle Fire, Nook Simple Touch

Thanks for all of the online and offline comments. You have helped me remember about Adblock and Avast as good tools that I use in filtering the internet. And, please know, there are a million different ways to do this and my setup is by no means the one and only or even the best way to do this. Once you explore the topic a bit further you may find better tools to get the job done. If so please let me know! I do get questions about this on occasion and it would be nice to have some more tools in the tool bag for sure.


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