Art as dominion over nature

It is easy for me to see that both the gift and full exercise of the sciences is a means for mankind to begin to restore its dominion over nature, but I am just scratching the surface of the arts as a means toward that end as well. In this world we get sick or we are exposed to the harshness of the weather and science, when it's practiced as such, has the capacity to deal with both conditions. Man is at its best when the scientific method and the knowledge that is attained through it are used to further the Kingdom of God or to fix our minds and hearts onto him.

But what of art? I am not an artist, but I am affected by artists each and every day as I look at a painting or am moved by the written or spoken words of people who are more skilled than the average person in their chosen pursuits. They choose to permanently alter the world around them through means of color, sound, or prose to fix my mind on something that is often unexpected. The tools that God has given them through the natural world are used to actualize the will of the artist. Sometimes those tools kick against the goads even to the point where the artist is frustrated with the result, but nature has to succumb, at least in some measure, to the artistic expression of man.

So, yes, art is an opportunity for the artist to act like God and to taste, in small measure, what the Garden was like before man fell. It is also a foretaste of the recreation of the universe and the exclusive rule of the Son that God appointed as the heir of all things. 


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