Not hacking the dishwasher

Not the previous Saturday but the Saturday before my sons were cleaning up the basement and they noticed that it was "wet" down there. Upon informing me of the issue I though that maybe some rainwater had gotten in the windows or up through the floor, but when I got down there to "take a look" I noticed that the source of the water was coming from somewhere on the first floor of the house. Eventually, when all of the guests left that morning, I found that it was the dishwasher that was leaking. We have a flexible hose that runs from the water supply line to the dishwasher and the water was coming from one of the joints in the hose itself. Obviously, the hose has two ends and getting at the first end was a snap. The second end...not so much. I had to remove the dishwasher and, recalling the installation that I had help with and the uttered lament of "I feel sorry for anyone who has to remove this thing", I had to get it out so that I could get at the other end of the hose.

The floor had been built up a bit (one layer of linoleum, some Lauan board, and another layer of linoleum) so the leveling pegs of the dishwasher were down where I could not get to them with a wrench, pair of pliers, etc. so I needed to remove some of the molding from the floor cabinet next to it for access. Of course, that sounds like that was the first course of action. It was probably the sixth or eighth actually as there were plenty of less destructive attempts before that. I did notice that there was another hose (called a filler hose) that had to be taken care of as well as I saw some water drops on it. Thank God for the internet - the part was easy to fine and relatively inexpensive.

Once I got the thing out it sat in the middle of the kitchen for a week and we had to work around it. There was a drain hose that went from the dishwasher to the garbage disposal that I did not want to disconnect so I situated the thing the best I could in the kitchen. Another big "thanks be to God" comes from the fact that the supply line to the dishwasher had a reasonably functioning shut-off valve that I made good use of. It leaked a bit but I was able to collect that water in a bowl and dump it once or twice a day.

The fix itself took all of an hour and a half including putting the dishwasher back in and leveling it better than it was leveled before. I dare say that thing is even plumb. It also has a dedicated electrical line to the box so I was able to disconnect the power and not affect anything else in the kitchen or the rest of the house. I was thiiiiis close to farming the whole repair out but my wife convinced me not to. I am glad she did and that she is so cheap. It made for a lot of good lessons, in more ways than one, and we saved a ton of money in the process. I need to get a board to replace the molding but that will be a quick job once I get around to it.


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