The elimination or transformation of evil (continued)

There is a semi-related post to this here, and this post is pure speculation on my part.

If I was created (and I was) then the only rational position I can take as a creature is dependence upon my Creator. This dependence encompasses every part of my life and both the recognition of it and the resulting action would have me functioning at my best. If there were aspects of my Creator that I would have no knowledge of then it seems to me that I would not be everything that I could be. If there were parts of God that could be accessed (experientially, emotionally, intellectually, etc.) and that I could not access in dependence and worship then I would not be the best, possible creature. Are angels the best, possible creature that God has ever created? No for they can only observe God's mercy. They have never experienced it. They may or may not have experienced His grace, but not to the extent that we fallen and redeemed creatures have.

If God were to eliminate evil today then in 2 or 3 generations the world would be full of people that have never experienced sin in any form or fashion. They'll have the Bible and the stories of this or that sin that their great great grandparents may or may not have committed but they will have no direct experience of any of it. They will have head knowledge of sin (and grace, and mercy, and repentance, and reconciliation...) but they will have no heart knowledge of it. They would be much less complete a human creature than the previous generations were and they would have a part of God cut off from them that was previously accessible. Now I have to admit that a world not full of evil is a rather fine thing, but evil persists and will persist until the redeemed (the ones bought with a price) are finally with their Redeemer (the Purchaser). And their worship of Him will incorporate everything that can be known about Him (even though there will persist elements which will still be inscrutable).

So sin gives me a more complete picture of God than I would have apart from it. So here is where things get a bit squirrley - what about man before the Fall? Do I dare say that I have a more complete picture of God than they did? In some senses I don't have. Their relationship with God was, far and away, different and in countless ways better and more complete than mine. But, I do have to say, that after the Fall Adam and Eve saw both a vastly different world and a vastly different God. Things they had never experienced before they were surely experiencing now. The full recognition of the attributes of God that was not fully accessible to them before the Fall was surely accessible to them now because of sin.

Could He have exposed these attributes of grace and mercy as fully as He has through the forgiveness of sin and subsequent transformation of evil any other way? I am not sure if I even want to answer that, but I am thinking the answer is "No". Maybe I should stop writing. Yeah, maybe I should.


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