Not a normal childhood

Two things happened to me recently that made me realize that my childhood was not that of the typical red-blooded American boy:
Thing #1: I was making some costumes for the boys (pictured here) so that they could be Lego minifigures for the Halloween festivities. I had to put a couple of coats of primer on the tubes for the heads to mask some of the writing on them and to allow the paint to adhere more evenly. As I put the third coat of primer on I thought, "Man...these would make great heads for couple of Cybermen costumes." Perhaps someone will agree with me on this. Or maybe not.

Thing #2: I was looking up the definition of the word "adamant" just to make sure I was spelling it correctly. It turns out that I was but I ran across this definition in Google:

As I read the noun definition of the word I instinctively stuck the word "musician" at the end of "A legendary rock" because, well, I listened to way too much Adam Ant in the 80's.
Maybe I am screwed up or maybe I am unique. I'll leave that determination as an exercise to the reader.


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