Is there is no more grace?

I feel the dust and gravel under my feet
I suppose you're walkin' down golden streets
Everybody always forgave you
A child of mystery
And I remember you were merciful to me
Hey Gene...
Give Jesus a kiss for us - Hey Gene, The Choir

I have to admit that I am more grace-oriented than truth-oriented. When I feel the tension between grace and truth I almost always choose grace. Now this may make me easy to be around, but it does not illustrate the perfection of the balance that God displays in these two areas. In other words, I can get too focused on grace at the expense of the truth and do not lovingly confront people like I should.

So I may be making too much of this, but I am of the opinion that there is rarely a more graceless time in the life of our country than there is during an election. It seems that the two dominant political parties are so bent on winning that they have to pretend that they are the sole guardians of absolute truth. They call each other out on what seems, to me anyway, to be the most insignificant details, mis-speakings, and gaffes. The "we're all right and you're all wrong" attitude is so transparent and so ridiculous at times that I wonder if I am not watching a farce. I really do.

Now I can't be too harsh on the campaigners. They are just merely illustrating on a grand stage what goes on in my own heart as I read and listen to the news. I need to give so much more than I do to others even in my own grace-oriented life. I am glad that God has not called me into that arena as I would be too apt, I think, to concede certain points and notions to my opponent. They would be making some good ones I am sure and I know that I would not be able to call a spade a club.

All that to say that I am lamenting this state of gracelessness. It does, however, make me long for the day that I can throw my arms around the One that was merciful to me as I fully receive the gift that he, graciously, bought for me with his very life.


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