Reduction and death a bit disheveled

Sometimes I have fragments of thoughts that I could turn into a full post, but it doesn't make sense to. This is one of those posts:

I was watching an old episode of the Twilight Zone last night and caught a glimpse of an interesting transformation. At the beginning of the story death is portrayed as a well put together man handsomely groomed and in control of a situation, an appointment, that he had with a mere mortal. Toward the end of the story his hair was mussed and he was clearly being manipulated by the man who was making the pitch of his life; a "pitch for the angels" as he called it. I got to thinking that if a man could be portrayed as doing that to death I cannot even imagine what the Son of Man actually did to it. I mean, I have some indication of the extent of death's domestication through what has been recorded in the Bible, but I have a feeling that I will be marveling at the Master and His masterstroke for all of eternity.


I find that I have a tendency to reduce things and even people to a singular event. This reduction is so complete that this singular lapse or even sin defines the sum total of my experience with that person or situation. For example, I have been working with my present employer since 1997. During that time I have seen my salary more than double and have been able to do things with and for my family that I would not have had the opportunity to had I not taken this job. What if I was forced out of my position through a layoff? What if that was an unfair thing to happen to me? Would I reduce my entire experience there, throw out all of the good that has been wrought through my employment there, to this one, single event? Would I focus on that rather than the other? What if someone sins against me? Will that be what I remember of them or will I remember the times we spent out under the stars marveling at His handiwork?


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