Four Christian music albums that changed everything

I had the opportunity to spend most of my conscious childhood in the 1980's and, as a result, witness a great transition in the secular music scene, but also what I consider to be a seminal shift in the Christian music scene. Now the first Christian music album (besides one by Dallas Holm...but that is a subject for another post) that I had ever heard was Soldiers Under Command by Stryper. I know what some of you are thinking..."What??!! They can't be Christians wearing all that spandex and playing those drums real loud like they do. You are possessed by the Beat Menace himself!!!" Well, that is a subject for another post entirely, but go with me on this journey. Or not. 

When I was in college It was all that my friends and I could do to get down to Houghton College, over to Buffalo, or to downtown Rochester to catch the rare Christian musical act that was passing our way. We had a great time taking in music by Whiteheart, Bryan Duncan, Michael Peace, Newsboys (before they got to be pretty decent), Petra, and many other both local and national bands. 

So here are the four albums that I think changed everything in Christian music in the order of their significance (and an alternative that could be in that position):

  1. Lead Me On - Amy Grant (Deliverance - Deliverance)
  2. Branded - Undercover (The 77s - 77s)
  3. Alarma- Daniel Amos (Sin Disease - Scattered Few)
  4. To Hell with the Devil - Stryper (Freedom - Whiteheart)

Very Honorable mentions: Hostage, and Silence Screams - Rez, i 2 (EYE) - Michael W. Smith, On Fire - Petra, Chase the Kangaroo - The Choir, Escape From the Silent Planet - Crumbacher, Doppleganger, and Darn Floor Big Bite - Daniel Amos, Soldiers Under Command - Stryper, When You're a Rebel - Altar Boys

I am not sure any of you really care about this post, but if I missed any album or group worthy of mention here  (maybe L.S.U. perhaps?) please let me know. I would be interested to hear about them.


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