Connectedness and the penchant to talk

I wonder...have I fallen into this trap?

I am so connected now with family, friends, and "friends" I believe I have a wider number of people that pay attention to me than I should have. I can share a link or a thought at the flick of a finger and have influence over people that may regret it later. My commitment to blogging may be seen by some (erroneously or not) as a sign that I have opinions and ramblings that are well thought out and that have been vetted, even somewhat, through a Biblical worldview and some sort of sound reasoning.

And then there are the people that read and even like what I write. Does a post that gets 100 or even 1,000 views mean that it is worth one whit in His eyes? Does the fact that 100 or even 1,000 people agree with me mean that something I wrote is a worthwhile, kingdom-building initiative? I can always find people that agree with me...always. It is simple arrogance to think that nodding heads and handshakes (even virtual ones) lend any real value to what I have said.

I am always talking, always connected, always checking to see which one of my posts is better read than the other. I care that someone reads them. I do. I am not sure there is a truthful blogger that doesn't. But why? Isn't it enough that He does? What if the only people that found value in what I am doing were the ones who hated what I had written? Would that make me stop? Should it?

God - You love me don't You? Why do I seek it from someone else? Am I that much of a child?


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