As bilingual as I get

I was 10 in 1980. It was also around that time that I started to get decent with the clarinet and I developed a real love for music. During the 1980's there was a lot happening in both the Christian (especially in the late 1980's) and secular music world. There was plenty of good music coming out of Europe and some of the most memorable music, for me anyway, came from Germany and Austria. One Austrian artist, Falco, really appealed to me and sang in a weird mixture of Austrian German and English. Here's what goes through my head (and, loosely, across my lips) as I sing his second most popular song in the US - Vienna Calling:

Mumble mumble mum Rio
Mumble mumble Tokyo
Mumble mumble mumble mumble
Mumble mumble sowieso
Mumble mumble mumble mum
Mumble mumble mum
Mumble mumble mumble mum
Mumble mumble mum
Mumble mumble mumble mum
Mumble mumble mum
Mumble Tucson, Arizona and
Toronto, Canada
Wien Wien Mumble mumble mumble mum
Mumble mum
Mum Wien Mum Wien
Mumble mumble mumble mum Frauen!
Ohohohoh Operator! So alone am I!
Ohohohoh Operator! Need you to come tonight!
Hello ohohoh Vienna Calling! 3x
2-1-0 mumble mumble mum
Mumble mum Cha cha cha!

Well, you get the picture. I slip some German in there but, well, mostly mumbling and picking out the English words here and there. Plus he likes to roll his r's and I have not ever had a prayer of doing that. Maybe tomorrow I will write about what I consider to be, most violently arguably, four of the most important albums in contemporary Christian music that came out in the 1980's.


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