The struggle with the toilet is over

About a month and a half ago (I is a bit of a blur) we noticed that the upstairs toilet had a crack in it and was leaking. We caught a nice new toilet on sale at Lowes and I installed it. Everything looked good until I went into the basement to check out the drain pipe that runs from the upstairs bathroom to the sewer. I noticed that when someone flushed the toilet there would be a dripping from that pipe onto who knows what and into who knows where. I thought that I borked the toilet installation so I did it again. Same result. And again. Same thing. Lather, rinse, repeat about seven times over the course of the last 6 weeks. You'd think we lived in a mansion with the number of toilets I installed. Alas, it was like running on a treadmill: lots of activity only to arrive at the same destination. I really like the toilet though so on Saturday I determined that this was the last time I would install the thing before calling a plumber.

Well I noticed the dripping again so I called the plumber yesterday with a simple request - undo and redo the toilet install that I can't seem to get right. Well he arrived my wife showed him where the dripping was coming from after the toilet flushes. It turns out that it is not the toilet. In fact he said I did a nice job on the toilet installation which isn't a surprise because it turns out that this is one of my secret super powers. There is actually a leak in the wall somewhere that is in the drain pipe. We think. Actually he is pretty sure and is going to get a camera down there to see where it is coming from.

So the $95 he quoted us to reseat the toilet has turned into big bucks for him. I can't say that I am overly disappointed though. It is a nice toilet, I have a new love for the double wax ring method of sticking a toilet to the waste pipe, I received the recognition I craved from a seasoned professional, and we found a leak that was, undoubtedly, there before the struggle with the toilet began. Chapter 1 has been closed and Chapter 2 is just beginning.


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