Living in the nowhere

"I'm gonna stay...nineteen forever" - Joe Jackson, Nineteen Forever

"Well, that was your mother 
And that was your father 
Before you was born dude 
When life was great..." - Paul Simon, That was Your Mother

Are these words nothing much, or a trip into nowhere? A longing for something I used to own, never owned, or an affront to God's provision in my life? Something for my flesh to snack on or harmless reminiscing? Stepping out, or stepping down?

Crazy. It seems like it has been altogether crazy lately and the days ahead are only going to make me even more dizzy. If I am not careful I am going to miss it all in an attempt to make it to that Saturday morning when I get to sleep in a bit. Even at my best I can't even begin to construct a past life that is more glorious than the present one I have - not even through nostalgia or a thousand wishes. Knowing that I am exactly where He has always intended me to be and that I am on the edge of where He wants me to be is beyond imagination. Looking at it all through the eyes He has given me it is more obvious to me than ever that the wildest dreams of the poets of the past were, quite simply, not wild enough.


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