Freedom and the sense of God

I was thinking that there may be a connection between the sense of God that everyone has and the struggle for freedom.

This is an extrapolation of an idea that C.S. Lewis had about the issue we all seem to have with time (i.e. how time just seems to fly by). He surmised that this struggle against time is due to the fact that God has placed eternity into the hearts of all people (Ecclesiates 3:11). I would think that I would be very comfortable with time as I have been born into it and have been subjected to it since the beginning of my life. But, there is this uneasiness with time as I often act and speak in a way that communictes that it is more than a little foreign to me. This is, most likely, because I, as a man, have been fit for eternity and not for the life I know today: one subjected to time.

Then there is the struggle for freedom. Again, I would think that I would be more than a little comfortable with opression and domination as I was born a sinner and, as such, am in bondage to it to such an extent that I had no power to not sin. Much like my situation with time, sin and selfishness is all I have ever known - from birth until the present time. Now, there were flashes of goodness here and there, and I had a pure motive and thought on occsasion but the trajectory of my life was down and ever further down I went. I was a slave to sin.

However, there was a low rumble of "but". There were times when I thought that what I was doing, the direction of my life, somehow wasn't "right" and that it "had" to change. There were times when I resisted temptation and did the right thing. I wonder if, in those moments, I was longing for freedom. I wonder if, in those moments, God in His mercy was holding out a taste of the freedom that He wanted me to embrace in Christ. I wonder if the sense of God that I was born with was pushing against the human condition I was born with.

It turns out that it was. Thanks be to God that it was. And it was that sense of God that He held onto as He gave me life. It is that sense of God that He energizes today to save me from what I could have (should have?) become.


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