Goofy geek test

I took a goofy online test yesterday to help me determine if I was a geek or not. Well, actually, I wanted to know how much of a geek I was (according to this test) because, well, I know that I am a geek. I guess anyone who can say, "Oh I have seen this one before..." while watching the only real series of the Star Trek that has ever graced television (yes, the one that ran in the 1960's) can be considered, at least, a bit of a geek. Well, there were some questions that baffled me (decreasing my geek credentials a bit) but there was one in particular that disturbed me.

There was a question that asked what my favorite method for inputting text was. I had to select the QWERTY keyboard as the option for Graffiti using a stylus (that came with my Palm Tungsten E). This absolutely decreased by geek score on the test by an order of magnitude. And I am not bitter about it. Much.


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