There is always enough time

I hear it all the time and even think it more often than I should: "The weekend was too short"..."My vacation was too short"..."There is not enough time before Christmas"..."The season is too short for all that I need to get done"....and on and on.

The fact of the matter is that there is always enough time. Always.

I know that I don't always believe that, but to think that God has, somehow, shortchanged me in the amount of time that He has given me to accomplish His will for my life just doesn't compute. To think that He has lavished such grace on me to pay the price for my sinfulness and then not think that the same grace is operating in my life in the length of days that He has given me to accomplish what He has given me to do is irrational at best.

And then there is the dissatisfaction I have with Monday, and Tuesday...and every evening except Friday and Saturday. To think that where He has me at this point in time is something that I can improve on makes me His counselor. And I know how that attitude worked out for Job. That was an uncomfortable encounter with God wasn't it? Maybe even a bit painful.

The fact of the matter is, the gift of this day that God has given to me is exactly what I need. I do not want to be the one to frustrate Him by, right in front of Him, throwing away the gift that He has given me.

Dad, You are in this day and You smiled today when you gave it to me. Help me to love You more for the gift that You gave me.


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