I am not naive enough (I kind of wish I was) to think that people are doing anything less than mocking Tim Tebow's expression of his faith in the "Tebowing" craze that is happening now. One of the explanations that I heard from a reporter of this phenomenon was (and I am paraphrasing): "Tebowing is the act of taking a kneeling position regardless of what is happening around you." That is a great explanation on a variety of levels, but it sobers me.

I always "Tebow" to something or someone. Always. In fact, there is never a minute in my life that I am not "Tebowing".

I would like to think that I, exclusively, Tebow to God. That would be the best wouldn't it? That God would be a part of my life to such and extent that my wife and children would be fully and completely loved, my service with His church would be reverently pure, and my work record would be spotless. I would love to think that people would be able to look at my life, my Tebowing, and see only Him (God, not Tim). But they don't...at least not as often as He wants them to be able to. That is because I Tebow to a million lesser things. I fashion a million gods to run to when I just won't take it anymore. I let my mind drift into places it shouldn't go. I tell stories to myself that simply are not true and that harm my soul. I don't have to kneel in front of a mall to Tebow. My heart does it all the time.

Tim Tebow doesn't care if you mock him. He is made of much stronger stuff. But I think that he also knows that when that guy had his picture snapped Tebowing in a men's room in front of three occupied urinals, well, he wasn't just Tebowing then. No, he was doing it the minute before and the minute after the image was taken. He had been doing his whole life and would continue to do it until he found his rest in his grave.

And that I do the same thing literally terrifies me.


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