Doctrine + *Ding* = Coupons

There are a few things that I have known to be true that have not translated into concrete action:

  • God's gift of Christ was personal, need meeting (for us), and costly (for Him)
  • Time is the currency of the 21st century
  • I need to imitate God in every area of my life
  • The gifts I give should reflect His nature and reflect the great gift of His Son

All that being said it is easy for me to see where I have missed it. It is very easy for me to give things rather than giving myself. It is easy for me not to invest time in things that are truly important. That being said I have decided that I am going to give some coupons to my boys this year for Christmas. Each one of them is going to get a set so that we can spend some alone time with each other, but they will be able to combine them if they want to. Only two of them (out of six) require spending any money, but I think they will like what I have put together. So, shhh - don't tell them but here they are:

  • Movie Night in the basement (includes popcorn, soda, and DVD of your choice)
  • Go Karts - No fair beating Daddy around the track and making him cry.
  • Free Food at the restaurant of your choice
  • Camping in the back yard or...wherever
  • Viewing the night sky through a telescope on a clear night in a dark place
  • Stay up late and play Wii with Daddy (when your brother is in bed)

I think that these may, more accurately, reflect the gift that God gave me in Christ than the other gifts I was planning on giving them. I have always known that with right doctrine came right living. I just never though that a more complete understanding John chapter 1 would result in Christmas coupons.

You are full of surprises, Dad, aren't you?


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