They were white like me

I have to admit that this is a tough issue for me. I traveled by airplane from Rochester to Atlanta on a direct flight on the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks on this country on 9-11-01. Thankfully I was with the church that morning and even got to teach the preschoolers and kindergartners in our HighPoint children's ministry. IN other words, there was plenty to distract me concerning the events that transpired a while back and the bit of fear I had in my heart concerning my travels on that day.

There is no excuse for the distraction that I leaned on to quiet my heart. I guess I am still a man and still need a savior.

At the gate at the airport I looked around to see who I would be traveling with. They were all white like me. Even the people who were not white were white enough that I felt comfortable traveling with them and my heart sunk into a more profound peace and rest. I knew that I would be arriving safely at my destination. But I didn't really know...did I?

There is no excuse for the judgments that I handed to my fellow travelers that day. I guess I am still a man and still in need of a savior.

As much as I pretend to think that death is my friend and a vehicle to transport me into the presence of God I wasn't interested in dying that day. I wasn't interested in leaving my wife and children in the hands of a loving God that saved me and blesses me every second of every day. I did not want to trust Him and, in so doing, I fashioned myself into the idol that I pretend to hate. 

There is so much that was wrong with who I was that day. My trust was misplaced and I am ashamed that it was. I was driven to distraction rather than prayer and to sight rather than faith. There was so much hypocrisy and deceit. So much that was awful. Thanks be to God where my sin abounded His grace abounded all the more. He saved me again that day...all over again. 


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