Is anything, ever, "all right"?

I was listening to a lecture yesterday on my iPod and I heard a statement that I hear a lot and it got me to thinking. The lecturer was lamenting that it is hard for people to turn to God when everything is all right, but easier when there is a crisis. Now I know that this has (is) operated (operating) in my own life, but I started to wonder if anything is ever all right. Are all my family and friends saved and going to heaven? Am I making the absolute best use of God's money and the time He has given me? Are my responsibilities being fulfilled to the absolute best of my ability? Am I working out my salvation with fear and trembling? Is my thought life absolutely pure? Is my marriage as strong as it can be? Are my children as holy as they can be? Is my teaching as spot on and compelling as it could be? And the list goes on. It seems to me that there is always a ton to pray about and that it is only my limited perspective and attention span that does not have me praying my heart out 12 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Now, I know that there is some balance to all of this. Obviously a Christian who is happy all the time does not grasp what Christ has yet to do in their lives and one that is continually sad has not grasped what Christ has already accomplished. But to attach my lack of latching onto God on a life that is hunky-dory is, rightly, wrong. My life is not just fine. I need to face up to the fact that, although my life is not an unmitigated disaster (thanks be to God), there is plenty I need to guard against and offer up to Him in prayer. In all reality it is all I have. My strength isn't even my own as He could sap it all right now if He wanted. Or stop my heart. Or keep me alive for the next 60 years.


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